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Terra-Blue Flower Project
For Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006 

INSTALLATION for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006
第3回越後妻有大地の芸術祭 2006 / 新潟十日町市下条中峰スキー場
At the summer ski grand “Gejyo, Niigata”
TERRA - Blue Flower Project φ8mx0.6m(H)x12pieaces / 幅80m(w) x 全長300m(L)
Material / Polyester-mesh-cloth & Ropes
Technique / Machine-sewing, Membrane-structure

Invisible tension, absolute tension.
When spring comes, buds come out and flowers bloom, and the leaves inhale the summer light...
When the harvest ends in autumn, winter preparations begin.
People are hardly aware of the law of nature.

Human was made to alive by invisible line and support, by absolute tension between the energies of the heavens and the earth.
Until the moment when the rope breaks and the balance of nature breaks, humans are unaware of it.



Solar activity has a direct impact on Earth's cloud cover.
And the solar eruptions are known to shield Earth's atmosphere from cosmic rays.
Muons, neutrinos, neutrons, gamma rays etc., a lot of kind of Cosmic Rays pass through the Earth like a shower.
Now we get to know that Cosmic Rays make cloud and rain. As the ozone shield becomes thinner,
the arrival amount of Cosmic Rays increase, thick clouds makes hard rain.
And the electromagnetic wave react to the water which collected in deep earth to occurs earthquakes.

Reminiscing on the year of extreme weather / MIKA YAJIMA 2019


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